The Rise and Fall of AAP

A Political party, having ruled for 60 years is dying. Its leadership chose loyalty over ability almost 50 years ago and now it is full of touts and opportunists. Defeat stares at it in the face. So what does it do? It picks a relative unknown from an anti-corruption movement and ensures that this entity gets written up in the press. Not satistied, the Gran Old Party also funds it clandestinely with the only intent of cutting info the emerging juggernaut's vote share. Enter the Aam Aadmi Party. Is it a B-Team or is it here to stay? Read this book and find out.

The advent of Social Media has resulted in greater transparency. Be it Politics or Corruption or Journalism, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hush up scandals. It has also resulted in wide dissemination of Fake News but in time, this will subside. There are several signs that Social Media platforms are cracking down on Fake News, pulling down pages when they cross the line and so on. He also recounted how Arvind Kejriwal slowly started hijacking the movement, especially after the India Against Corruption (IAC) was formed and taking control of its financing and messaging. As the movement grew and attracted the common man, AoL slowly withdrew from the IAC. In his opinion, he said that with Kapil Mishra's allegations, AAP is more or less finished.

Book Title The Rise and Fall of AAP