Modi's- Idea of India

Modi’s Idea of India, by Saravanan Thangadurai is the development story of Gujarat. The Author has toured Gujarat, interacted with the stake holders & has provided with an First hand account of the Development in the State. This development model can be the template of Indian Development in the coming years.

SARAVANAN THANGADURAI is a master’s graduate in computer science and executive management from IIM Kozhikode.
He works in the IT industry as a delivery manager, handling projects across Europe and North America. He is based out of Chennai, India.
After writing a book on project management, Saravanan wanted to find examples of effective project implementation in the public space in
India. In the course of his search, he heard about the implementation of various projects in Gujarat, which prompted him to begin researching
about Gujarat, by going through published documents, government records, books, and other sources of information. He also visited
Gujarat and interacted with several sections of people across the state.
Saravanan concluded that Gujarat’s phenomenal growth started to happen during Narendra Modi's term as the chief minister. He gathered data from a wide range of sources to validate his findings.
He attributed the extraordinary growth to Modi’s pro-development policies. He felt Gujarat’s development could be a template for
other states that aspire to become a developed state and that is what prompted him to write this book.
He hopes this book would create awareness and strengthen our confidence that India can become a developed country soon, with the right and able leadership. 

Book Title Modi's- Idea of India