Dr. Manmohan Singh - Decade of Decay

This Book is a compilation of select articles authored by M R Venkatesh, mostly in Rediff.com. To the reader, his writings offer a ring side view of the debilitating state of affairs in India under the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh. With a persuasive, passionate and powerful style of writing the author demystifies the challenges confronting India and Indian economy in a manner that is comprehensible to even the layman.

Making a strong case for a small yet effective government, Venkatesh canvasses for sweeping economic, administrative and judicial reforms while simultaneously pointing out to the gargantuan failures of Dr. Manmohan Singh’s administration. Written between 2011 and 2013 these articles capture India's precipitous decline in various speheres caused by a singular lack of willingness and / capacity to govern.

In a refreshing departure from the known suspects who end up merely being critical of the Government, he also offers various alternatives to the challenges confronting the country. Needless to emphasize, while his suggestions are eminently debatable, the fact remains that these proposals are sure to secure necessary traction in days to follow.

The Toynbee like sweep of the subjects dealt by Venkatesh in a precise, succinct and incisive manner makes this book a compelling read.

The foreword of this book has been authored by Dr. Subramanian Swamy.

Book Title Dr. Manmohan Singh - Decade of Decay
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